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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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Welcome to the Medolo wiki

What is Medolo?

Medolo is an initiative to make the scientific data embedded in patents accessible to all the scientific community, easily and for free. The community produce data with context, tagged in a way that makes it usable by computers. We call that Linked Open Data.

What needs do we address?

Nowadays, technology, science and IT are closely related and patents have become a focus point for technology and technological science. The usage of patent scientific data by scientists is limited. We want to make data available for scientists so that they can use it like a commodity and via a computer. This is a revolution because, in the eyes of scientists, patents are often only viewed as pieces of intellectual property.

More on Medolo

See also the Executive Summary of our business plan and then follow the short tract reading Q&A.

The full summary is dispatched all over this wiki but you can read it online here


Medolo is a community of contributors that analyses patents, marks scientific contents, tags them with scientific keywords, comments on it, extract specific data... all that with a common methodology that enables sharing and linking. See Medolo community

Medolo is a computer system that assist contributors before, during and after their analyses, reducing the time needed for analysis and automating data processing. See Medolo system

Medolo is represented by two organisations: a non-profit that represents the community outside and serve it ; a cooperative that make it happen practically In addition, Medolo is a place for sharing knowledge, on what is done, how this is done, on related knowledge

See specific aspects of Medolo organisation

Why Medolo

Many patents contains high value scientific pieces knowledge, pieces of information and data, but searching for and reading scientific elements within patients is very difficult and time consuming, because this document can be long, jargonic and with partial information.

See Patent definitions

We believe that data should be shared with the scientific community as a common, that means for free and without restrictions. New ways of using data in science can emerge if the basic elements, linked open data, are available in good quality and freely. We want to go in that direction.

How we do it

Medolo will gather a community made of developers, contributors, scientists and a support team. A tool will be developed and contributors will use it for an efficient collect open-data out of patents. The community of user and producer will act as an anchor for the project. Timing is an important aspect of our project.

See a draft of the Medolo workflow

See the Medolo organisation

See the Medolo culture (very important)

Welcome to the Medolo University

Basic informations about Medolo University (MU) can be found on our web site main site. (for the time being this wiki is the most up-to-date version)

What is Medolo university (MU)?

Medolo Initiative is a project of Medolo Institute. The idea is to go further a plain community, and capitalise on the knowledge we use and produce. The way the project is manage is also a occasion of knowledge capture and diffusion. MU is also a promoter of the contributors within our community but also outside. It is place for learning, teaching, presenting, advertising.

The most important is that MU organise seminars and the first one is the trigger of the Medolo project start.

MU symposium

We plan to launch the Medolo project by an online symposium. This event will be held... when sufficient the conditions for starting Medolo will be met. During 3 days about 30 online lectures and workshops will be organized and relayed by Medolo on different thematics.

  • Patents (introduction, science in patents, legal aspects, etc...)
  • Data (introduction, scientific data networks, examples, qualifying data, extracting data, commenting,etc...)
  • Interface (howto, design & ergonomics, workflows management, new perspectives, etc...)
  • Profiling (introduction patent, scientists, data, etc...)
  • Open-data (introduction, exemples, formats, storing, linking, etc...)
  • Using patent scientific data (Medolo licence, overview of possible usage, etc...)
  • Community management (introduction, rules of engagement, retribution, commons, efficiency, hollow management, marketing & communication)
  • Financing (introduction, crowd funding, research network fundings, foundations, legal structures, etc...)
  • Medolo (Medolo initiative, Medolo Institute, Medolo University, Senestro project management, communities, etc...)

A longer list is available in the Medolo University's page

MU workshops

The Medolo workshop project will start after the launch of Medolo. One first event will held during doctorate course at Tours University, in French with title : "La science dans les brevets" (Science in Patents)

Go the the 2015 panel to find the documents related to the course.