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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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CFC of the day : System manager

This is NOT a work position. It's a free contribution to a non-profit open source project.
Membership and respect of the values and rules of the project are require.

System manager

Urgent needs

  • Validate (hopefully) the initial choices
  • Check security
  • Available for questions
  • MediaWiki settings (I hate parsoid)

Task to be done (in team)

  • Set up the project architecture
  • Advises and argument for the system and procedure choices to be made.
  • Communication channel

Personality (important)

  • Nice chap & communicative (I'm not)
  • Helpful, patient. A listener.
  • A doer, a contributor, full of ideas (but don't impose)
  • Has some time (not much but still a little bit)
  • Willing to work in team and to give the work and responsibilities to others (no chief)
  • Active member of the project, you understand and strictly respect the values and rules (Fundamento)


  • English (or Esperanto but this is restrictive), not necessarily first language
  • UNIX: Linux (pref Debian)
  • System architecture
  • System managing of a web server and development servers. Migration.
  • Scripting capabilities (ideal with web interface)
  • Basic security
  • Communication tools
  • Language: few among Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, ...
  • mySQL, Apache, Rails, MediaWiki
  • WordPress management (not really the system by it would be nice)