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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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Quite ok. I'm still looking for something complete


  • How to store a file in Medolo (case of a pdf file)
Go to this page and follow instruction (it's on the right column)

Bugs killing

What to do if you see a bug.

  1. Locate it : which page, when, conditions
  2. Rate it: Severity (1 to 10) & Frequency of occurrence (0 to 10)
This is you judgement but you have to do some research about it. You rate it as in the hospital 1 low and 10 the biggest thing that you can imagine on earth. For frequency you can respond 0 if you have no idea but often that mean that you have to explore a little more before submitting your bug.


There are few FAQ

  • About the project
  • About collaboration


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