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Le puy du fou

With more than 2 million visitors, Le puy du fou is the second amusement park in france (after Disneland Paris). The main theme is local culture and a slightly biaised hisorical point of view on the local royalist rebellion against revolutioneers at the end of XVIII. It originated in 1978 when a group of people, willimg to restore the castle of le puy du fou, organised a fund raising show played by 600 local inhabitants, all volonteers. With the sucess, the show went on and noeadays, twice a week, 1200 volonteets and a 1000 professionals play in front 15000 spectators.

As an organisation, Le puy du fou consists of a non profit and a coporation owned at 99% by the former. No shareholders, no government subsidies. Le puy du fou is fully self financed. Since the begining it has reinvested more than 250 millions.

Subsidiaries where created for new market.For exemple "puy du fou international" for external growth.

3000 volonteers 1375 employees Annual groxth ; above 10% Annual revenues (2014) 64 millions

Risks : the french syndicats want to ban use of volunteers. (Success is a sin in france)

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