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Bonvenon! Welcome! Willkomen! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Welkom! добро пожаловать! karibu! 欢迎光临!いらっしゃいませ

What is the Medolo Knowledge Café

The knowledge café is :

  • a place where to share knowledge in a informal way
  • a place where you can speak your language (Ĉu samideanoj?)
  • you can open clubs (here its called tables) about whatever you like (see guidelines)
  • a place were you can meet people in a different setting
  • a place where you hang posters about what you like and about thing related to Medolo

While you discuss I suggest you drink a coffee or just pretend your doing so.

Knowledge café is part of the Medolo University project.

Even in café there are some rules. The value part of the Fundamento is still applicable [see here].

For the moment the room is empty, no poster, no table -> I made an announcement if you know how to create this place, please send me a message [denis.jeanteur at]