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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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WorkStream Computing

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A large part of the Medolo project concerns the Medolo system. If scientists can help setting up the system, specialised parts might require the help of specialists.

Brief description

Patent software

The patent matching software is an element of the set of tools together with others like patent interface to allow scientists' work on patents.

Medolo system

The Medolo system corresponds to the software that supports Medolo interaction in general including the web server, the wiki, the forum, the mails, etc... This system is managed by a team of system manager. It is a core project because the specifications and the choices make here have great influence on the overall project.

=== Medolo University IT Medolo University is a place where people can share knowledge in many ways but in the beginning mostly though virtual lectures following by interactive chat / forum session.

These stream use knowledge from the following fields!

  • Programming
  • System management
  • Data analysis
  • Applied linguistic
  • Natural Language processing
  • Interface design

You can find information on these topics in the knowledge section.


  • Programming languages : Ruby - or PHP or anything else -
  • Frameworks
  • Servers and hosting
  • Documentation
  • Quality insurance
  • Presentation (for the symposium)
  • Document processors : LibreOffice
  • Web : WordPress
  • Wiki & forum : WikiMedia (wiki)