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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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Management Workstream

You will find here basic principle that can be applied to Medolo. It start from personal thoughts from DoJo with a real lack of references. We shall expand, evolve, reform this to build a real common guidance for the management of Medolo.


Two different management levels

  1. Self-management of the community
  2. Support management

Both are different but they have to be complementary and coherent because they proceed from the same goal and purpose as stated in the Fundamento.

Management principles relevance
Inside Support
Community Institute Medolo
Fundamento ++++ ++++ ++++
Openness ++++ +++ ++
Self management ++++ ++ Ø
Emancipation management ++++ +++ ++
Governance Ø ++++ +++
Finance ---- ++ ++++
Representation ++ ++++ ++



Self management

Emancipation management


See that post about governance on Medolo web site and its equivalent page on this Wiki.

Other references: (Ø doesn't apply to Medolo -> +++ very influencing)