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CFC : We need a system manager, a communication manager and a project consultant.
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Medolo is your project

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Who owns the project

You own the project:

  1. if you are registered,
  2. if you start contributing,
  3. if we are sufficiently numerous to form an active community,
  4. if we start a sort of proto-organisation.

Meanwhile I will let the project evolve and take final decision.
In 18 month after funding, according to the plans, we will launch the Medolo Institute. By then, concerning the community management, I should become one of us, no more.

Presently I'm free to imagine whatever I want, but again this is not the goal.
My competences are small if we consider the size of the task. Many competences are needed.
For me, the way the project is organised is my piece of cake. I want to experiment a type of solid flat organisation and observe it, replicate it.

Why Medolo needs you?

The project worth nothing without you.

  • The scientific contributors will create value in term of open data.
  • The computer scientist will actually make this happen and will also contribute to valuable sub-systems. We hope to participate to the elaboration of tools outside Medolo.
  • The web guys that make the virtual space function and develop or adapt many tools and systems are also fantastic enablers.
  • Administrative contributors are needed: community management, event management, rewards, knowledge management, internal 'legal' affairs, external relations (Medolo Institute), translation...

What can you get out of Medolo?

The needs are various but our basic policy is to reward contributors for their contribution. We (the community, Medolo Institute) will heavily advertise your contribution, we will help you find the appropriate knowledge for you to contribute is excellent. We will help publish on the accomplishment of the Medolo teams. A sort of department will be created for doing this and until this is done Medolo coop will take care of that important aspect.

See the 4 pages on this topic on the main site according to who you are:

What is special about Medolo?

  • The hybrid structure :
    • it ensure that the project is fully non-profit and manage by the contributors
    • it ensure that the project is product oriented and is a true working community
    • it ensure that the project doesn't stop at the frontier of the community and that funding is sufficient.
    • Institutes and companies can be funded for making employees available on the project.

The Medolo's structure guarantee that Medolo is versatile, resistant and fully aligned with the initial goals. Medolo coop is very original. It is a real company but not for profit following the same principles of Medolo. It will promote the usage and integration Open Science Linked Data, with direct implication in projects. It will manage projects and find funds for the companion organisation and for Medolo. It is the place where Medolo can deal with money, industry and economical development.
Medolo is an actor in science, for the commons but also at the service of the outside community.

  • A culture centric organisation :
    • Well defined core value (but nothing that is not already used elsewhere)
    • Rules: core rules and a way to develop local rules
    • A culture integrated into movements: open data, open science, open organisation, ...
    • A rewarding organisation
    • An international project, maybe multilingual.
  • Mixing of different communities
    • Scientists from all disciplines, countries and level.
    • Computer scientists, Open data specialists, Document analysis
    • Support specialists : communication, eduction, community managers.

What Medolo can do for you

we have a precise goal: science in patents. But to achieve that we will excel in community management (when I say we it is the community itself).
Medolo is a place of interaction, everybody can find its place.
There is one goal of Medolo you should be aware of: we want to promote the work of our members. See Medolo university
Of course for the scientists gains are also indirect throught the accumulation of independant data, through expertise in patent analysis, through work in common with other scientist.
Computer science Institutions will participate and make available computer scientists. See the Companions program.
Communication is an important ingredient of Medolo. We want the project to be constantly under lights. Many challendging projects can be set-up and applied.
You can see a list of competence needed. here.

What you can do for Medolo

First you can register. You can observe, read and comment.
You can share your knowledge give advices.
You can help the project raised money, or present it to people that could be interested.
You can become a member of the association Medolo initiative.
You can even look for a job at Medolo cooperative (not now & very few)

Take you part and share it

One fundamental aspect is the "take and share". At Medolo we share responsabilities. You are invited to take a little part of it, and then find people with who you will share it. It is not a vertical organisation. It is not a pyramydal organisation. I call it a difuse organisation, a emancipation management. That is you goal is to empower the other so that they can take responsability of your load.That way we can avoid too much concentration of power and everybody can experience some responsability.

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